Sunday, August 23, 2009

A night stay in a Temple, Seoul

You might be surprised with the title "A night stay in a Temple" after looking over the image of the mosque. But here in Korea people are very much confused in differentiation between 'Buddhist Temple' and 'Mosque'. So the title represent the same confusion.

Korea do not do any census data based on religions, but the majority are Christians and Buddhist are in minority. Few other religious people are also there like Muslim. However, mostly Muslims are migrants either for job or study from Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan. Few month ago, I read some where, Buddhist live in rural area and Christians live in urban area of Korea, notably more than 75 per cent people live in urban area.

Korea has many mosques and under the guidance of 'Korea Muslim Federation' and perhaps, Seoul Central Mosque is biggest one, very spacious, and serving greatly to the Koreans Muslims as well as immigrants. This mosque was supported by Muslim countries world, notably Malaysia and Kingdom of Saudi Arab during its construction and further maintenance.

Yesterday (2009.08.22) was the first day of the holy month Ramadan. This mosque organizes five times prayers in a day and in Ramadan special prayer in night we called it as 'travih'. Yesterday, with other four friends went there, we did Iftar, offered Maghrib prayer and then we offered travih and stayed overnight and again we got up at 3'00 am and we offered nemaz and ate 'sehar'.

Many people around Seoul use to come for iftar, but yesterday due to Saturday, there was sabbeguzari, and the number had increased to about 200.

I also observed that many Korean people go there to visit Mosque, it is nice to know each other culture and religion and help in reducing cultular and religious gap.

One night stay was great with respect to spiritual growth. Our body is made up of two part physical body and soul and stay helped soul to attend their destiny.

God may help us to understand truth of the world, and guide us for eternal destination (Amin).

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Muhammad Usman said...

ya there are lots of muslim in korea, but government don't promote any religion, as in case of seoul national university, there are many muslims from different countries but they are not giving place for worship insipte of utmost reguest. it's indicate that they don't have any interest regarding religion.


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