Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 (KSLV-1)

Korea may be the tenth country in the world by successfully launching its space craft into orbit by their own land if successfully done on coming Wednesday(19.08.2009). Let us pray for better result.
It is very sad to know that despite all effort KSLV-1 did not reach to correct position means failure. However, the lessons will be greatly helpful for the Korean space science and technology.
I remembered very similar cases, when first time India failed to launch its own indiginious satellite. I remember Dr. Kalam story about failure and he had pointed one points still I remembered it. He mentioned about Sara Bhia leadership qualities then head of the sattelite lauching program. He said after failure he went himself to address the press conference and took all the responsibility for failure and the very next time after successfully launching sattelite he sent his juniors to address press conference. The point is that a leader take responsibility of failure but credit for success goes to all subordinates.
I wish that next time Korea will successfully launch their settelite. good luck ~


Sohail said...

Unfortunately, last minute postponed for launching program. hope very soon.

Anonymous said...

Finally, today they launch it successfully.


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