Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally, I finished all except thesis for my PhD

In past two years, I finished almost 42 credits including 3 credit course Korean Language and Culture., it means I passed 39 credits course where minimum required credits are 36. I took 13 subjects related to my major.

I also passed thesis qualifying exam. It means I did all except thesis which is most toughest part in PhD program.

During last two years I progressed small in thesis work too. I presented two papers in the international conferences in Japan and India.

However, I feeling some relax from one side for all these formalities but in the same time I am feeling too much pressure for systematic progress in thesis work. In May 2010, I have to present proposal and finally in Jan 2011 final presentation of thesis.

See what happens, how much I will go with the schedule?

Monday, December 28, 2009

FIRST N-PLANT IN REGION South Korea wins landmark $40bn Gulf nuclear deal

Abu Dhabi/Seoul: A South Korean group won a landmark deal to build and operate four nuclear reactors for the United Arab Emirates, beating more favoured US and French rivals to one of the Middle East’s biggest ever energy contracts.
Under the $40 billion deal announced on Sunday, which Seoul said it hoped would kick-start an export drive for its nuclear technology, the first nuclear plant in the Gulf Arab region is scheduled to start supplying power to the UAE grid in 2017.
In stark contrast to the development programme launched by northern Gulf neighbour Iran, the UAE’s nuclear ambitions carry the blessing of its ally the United States.
A consortium led by state-owned utility Korea Electric Power Corp
aims to complete UAE’s four 1,400 megawatt reactors by 2020. The South Korean president’s office on Sunday described the nuclear deal as “the largest mega-project in Korean history”. REUTERS

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