Saturday, February 6, 2010

India and Korea moved closer a bit !

I did not write for long time, probably busy with the study as well as other academic activities.
The last month of 2009 and first month of 2010 was very important with respect to many ways. In Korea, we use to celebrate year end parties and distribute prizes and all in various organizations. I enjoyed very similar experience with the year end party of NIIED and others. All were exciting and interesting as well as encouraging.

On 26 January, 2010 was the 60th republic day of India. We celebrate 15 August as an independence day and 26 January as a republic day. Both dates are very important in modern history of India. There is one common similarity in India and Korea is that both the country celebrate independence day in the same day every year i.e. 15 August. I remember since school life we celebrate both the day as a festival like a lot of programs are organized in the school as well as universities in India.

This republic day was some special for us, as we live as a expat in Korea and Korea's president was chief guest in the republic day. Both countries are coming closer with respect to many things especially India's great consumer market for Korean's product and Indian human resource and other things are very useful for cooperation with each other. Both the countries sign some trade documents, however, still both have to go very long for more closer ties.

I surprised to see such a historical relation between both the country by the video on this link.

I think this video will provide many useful tips to understand historical relation between both the countries.

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