Saturday, February 27, 2010

Graduation ceremony / Convocation - a memorable day

Yesterday, 26th February, 2010 was the graduation ceremony day at the Seoul National University. Two students from my lab did their Ph.D namely, Seagu Lee and Hoon san Kim. They took about 4 years to complete their Ph.D.

It was a time for joy and happiness for all of us. There is few difference in Indian graduation day and Korean. Here I would like to write few points from where we can learn some thing from each other.

In Korea, every school organizes graduation day separately and normally degree is awarded to every one by Dean of the school. However they organize almost in single day so it looks like a festival for the university. In India it is a university affair and convocation lecture is delivered by some very prominent personality like Minister of HRD or some time President of India etc.

However, I observed that due to too big events normally university does not organize regularly in contrast to India Korean Universities organize two time in a year before spring and fall classes.

So in brief Korean University opt for decentralized system of award ceremony while Indian universities still go for centralized system, hopefully they will think and change towards more robust system.

Beside all this, Korean students make 50- 150 copies of theses and they distribute among the students, professors and potential employer, this seem to be also good practice. I got two Ph.D thesis and after analysis this thesis I found both are between 100-125 pages but very concrete and to the point.

Later I will write some more....

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