Friday, September 11, 2009

A day in Korean Language and Culture class

It is mandatory for every Korean student to pass English examination and every international student to pass either Korean language course or English (depending that he/she has his/her medium of study other than English) to graduate from Seoul National University (SNU). Therefor I took one course " Korean Language and Culture", as a requirement to graduate from SNU.
The students comprise from many countries and numerous major from science to social science, engineering to nano technology.
This class required minimum level of Korean other wise will not be useful and unable to pass as he/she will not understand at all in the class.
In the very first class, there was test session and oral examination. There were two friends from Germany, and one was very good and other was not. Teacher, perhaps was also not too much fluent in English, as he was the teacher of Korean Language. Teacher asked few questions with German guy but he could not understand and then there was interesting communication started with multi-language translation. Teacher asked in Korean and the girl who was aware with Korean, German used to interpret. The very same story happened with Vietnamese girl.
All episodes were too much interesting for us, a class room became a center for multilingual interpretation laboratory.
There are few things: University want to teach Korean at least up to minimal level to us such that we can learn culture and communicate in daily life. Second, that class become the center of multi-majors having citizens from east to west and south to north.
This is very special occasion to interact with too many cultures, too many diverse majors and thoughts.
I wish, we may learn Language (believe me, It is not easy to learn Korean) and continue to bridge gap between two diverse cultures.

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