Monday, July 26, 2010

University Computer Center, SNU : Wow great service

The service provided by university computer center (UCC) was too great that I think to dedicate few pages for the university service.
Recently, my laptop had some error and did not start at all. I tried all permutation and combination to start it but failed and hence approached UCC. Here UCC is very systematically developed and quite possible in other universities of developed country must be better than here, however for me it was great service.

They loaned all licensed soft wares including SAS, SPSS, Office etc which is greatly helpful to the students. They have very quick service to reach to the destination (big campuses like SNU about 2 - 3 sq km)and solve the problem especially for networking issues even in dormitory. The UCC have many good staff interestingly from 9 to 9 and not 9 to 6 and even in Saturday.Is it not great service?

I think it provide excellent service to the student community. their service also include data extraction from the hard disk, and all services are free. great !!!

Not only SNU, UCC but lets see for example the services of SNU library is also great. It provides good number of books, journals etc beside this it has very good system to buy books and even data set (like census data) in very reasonable time.

Both services of SNU - UCC and Library help greatly to more dedication in research.

Thanks to University Computer Center and University Library, Seoul National University

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