Thursday, June 3, 2010

Asian University Conference for Green Leadership, Seoul National University

A day conference hosted by Asian Institute of Energy Environment and Sustainability (AIEES), Seoul National University dealt with the upcoming methodology for fostering leadership especially through undergraduate studies.

Representation from Japan, China, Singapore and of course Korea was representative of Asian brand. The discussion was intense and at least there was consensus for creating a brand leadership in the next generation.

Seoul National University program, in which they want to develop few courses for environmental science cross cutting to science, social science, engineering and others area in which if an undergraduate student will opt for 3-4 courses then an undergraduate student can get a certificate of green leader certified by certain central ministry in addition to the undergraduate degree.

I hope in future these kind of subjects will be very interesting and demanding both by market as well as by the world.

If time permit, I will write in detail, later !

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