Thursday, April 29, 2010

India's development: Few questions

Yesterday, I was attending a lecture and in fact a close class room debate on sustainability. Class composed from different background of students both from developing to developed countries students. Few of my friends ask me questions these questions:
Student A asked, when I visited India I saw many people are begging, why? Student B asked three questions: about caste system in India, Kashmir issues and scope of micro finance to resolve poverty problems.

Later on, I though a lot on the given issues and found more or less these are the biggest bottleneck for India's development.
First, Poverty, despite our development still our 25 percent people can not afford 1 US$ a day. Despite strict reservation system yet we did not break the caste system especially backward class in the society almost have similar conditions. And still we have issues of Kashmir and there is no immediate solution for the same. Kashmir issue is also important in today context because we invest a lot of our budget for Kashmir that could be probably used for developing our country.

However, despite all these problems country is moving towards development path. These issues will remain for ever (at least for a century) for academic discussion.

May God help us to resolve these issues and fulfill our dream of India where no one live in poverty, no one feel suppress.

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