Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Date with dentist

Dental care is important part in oral hygiene. There is clear difference in low income countries where health insurance is not pursued and high income countries where health insurance is part of daily expenditure. India is going to implement some mechanism for health insurance system for citizens and will bear most of the expenses of health insurance for the Indian poor, a great step for citizens in general and to the people below poverty line in particular.
There are many kind of health insurance schemes. Here in Korea every Government Scholarship Student have health insurance which cover almost all part except few like dental care, and skins etc.
However, here cost of the health treatment is extremely high. So even though small kind of health insurance exclusion costs a lot to the students. There are many cases where students suffer due to the small area of health insurance exclusion. And I am one of the victim for the same.
I would advice my fellow friends to take special care for dental hygiene. Visit doctor at least once in a year.

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